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Why Keystone Window?

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, Keystone Window is a Refreshing Change from Other Window Companies

Keystone Window of Pennsylvania is locally owned and operated. We bring a very different and refreshing approach to selling replacement windows. Our pricing is always up front, online, and includes full installation. We personally guarantee the replacement windows we sell, and the quality of workmanship that goes into both the window and the installation. We will always sell state-of-the-art, top quality windows.

Take a look below and see how different we are from our competitors. We promise to do everything we can to give you the best value, the best service, and best experience you’ll ever receive from a window company.

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Replacement Window FAQs

Before You Buy

  • Installing our extremely energy efficient, Energy Star certified windows will lower your energy bill
  • Replacing leaky windows with Keystone windows, which have one of the lowest air infiltration ratings in the industry, will keep your home much more comfortable to live in
  • High quality, energy efficient windows will add value to your home
  • Keystone windows are very easy to open and close. The heavy duty balance systems in our windows ensure they are smooth and easy for you to operate throughout their lifetimes. They never need adjustment or lubrication
  • Our windows are maintenance-free, and never need painting or refinishing
  • Keystone Window’s tilt-in sashes makes cleaning a breeze
  • Our robotically manufactured windows have tight tolerances, making them more durable, quieter, and air tight
  • Our windows are Energy Star certified.
  • Our top quality, state-of-the-art windows are fairly priced, making Keystone’s windows the best value in the window market
  • We’ll give you a written estimate in 30 minutes, and guarantee the quote for 30 days
  • We don’t play games, use gimmicks, or pressure you to buy
  • Only one decision maker need be available to receive an estimate
  • Our prices include the installation cost!
  • All of our windows are Energy Star certified…in fact, they FAR EXCEED the Energy Star requirements
  • Our windows come with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  • Our professional installers are insured, licensed, and trained by our manufacturer, Slocomb Window and Door, in the Installation Masters™ certification program
  • We offer 6 months no interest financing, with minimum payments

Our average cost per project is approximately $6500, based on 10 any sized, Energy Star qualified, white double hung windows with a U-Factor rating of 0.26 – .030 and an air infiltration rating of 0.07 CFM at 25mph.

We offer many financing options through Wells Fargo. One option is 6 months no interest financing, with minimum payments.

Yes! Premium Vinyl Windows, sold by Keystone Window, are backed by a Lifetime Warranty designed to protect your investment and our reputation.  It guarantees that our windows will not rot, rust, warp, pit, corrode, or blister, and that our vinyl colors will remain true for the life of your home.  Our Lifetime Warranty is non-prorated and is fully transferable.

We also warranty all moving parts and the hermetically insulated seal against defects in materials or workmanship.  Finally, we offer the ultimate in protection with an optional lifetime glass breakage rider for extra peace of mind.

Your return on investment will be faster because our windows are Energy Star Certified and have the lowest air infiltration rates available in the industry. In addition to their energy efficiency, our windows are installed correctly, which minimizes air infiltration around the window.  Windows are one of the most inefficient products in your home, and should always be installed by professionals to ensure their maximum efficiency.

No, although this was true years ago.  However, the advances in vinyl technology have dramatically increased window design options.  Some of these options include sleek, sculptured frames, woodgrain and color finishes, diamond grids, and beveled, leaded, or stained glass.  Please ask me, Rob Mato, owner of Keystone Window, for more information about these options.

Yes!  Each window installed is custom designed and built to meet the exact size and shape specifications for each particular opening in your home.

Typically, it takes 28 business days for your windows to arrive from our manufacturer and be installed.

Window Installation

The majority of projects will be completed in one day, although some more complex projects can take longer.

Yes!  Our installers are insured, licensed, and trained by the manufacturer in the Installation Masters™ certification program.

Your family’s health and our employees’ health are number one concern.  We are committed to ensuring that all our installation crews are EPA certified to safely work with and remove lead based paint.

Yes!  We will work with you to determine a date and time for the installation that works best for you, even during the winter months.

No.  Most projects can be completed in one day, and our installers will only install one window at a time, so your home will never be open to the weather for any extended length of time.  In the event of snow or heavy rain, we will reschedule your installation to another day convenient for you.

In most cases, no.  Our double hung replacement windows will be installed in the existing window opening.  However, special circumstances may require some alteration.  For example, if you choose to have a bay or bow window installed into a double hung opening, the wall will need to be altered. Our installers are thoroughly trained in how to support a building structure to all codes and regulations when making necessary adjustments to your window opening.

All objects and furniture in front of the windows will need to be moved in order to give our installers an open area to work.  Our installers need two feet of space in front of each window to work, so only furnishings very close to the window area will need to be moved.  However, you need not worry about doing this yourself.  We are more than happy to assist with moving heavy items.

In addition, please take down any wall decorations close to the windows, as well as all curtains and blinds, and disable any window security systems. We also advise that you relocate any important papers and small items, and cover computers and other electronic equipment.

Lastly, our installers will also need to work outside, so please cover and protect all plants below each window.  You may want to temporarily relocate delicate plants, and some trees and bushes may need to be pruned back.  We will do our best to be careful, but unfortunately we cannot be responsible for damage to plants located directly in the work area.

Please notify your alarm company.  Our installers have experience removing contact sensors from sashes, and can do so if you wish.  However, your alarm contractor will be responsible for reinstalling the system in your new windows.

On the installation day, our crew leader will survey your home to determine where to begin. If there is a particular area that works best for you, please feel free to advise us of your preference. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

A main work area will be set up where we can prepare the windows and wraps.  Usually your driveway is the best spot, so we ask that you please move your car so it will not be blocked by our setup.

Typically our installation crew will arrive between 9am and 10am,, and stay until the project is completed. If your project is a large, 2-3 day job, our crew will work as long as there is daylight.

If there is a certain time at which you would like our installers to leave, please inform our office when scheduling your installation.  If heavy rain or snow is forecast for the day of installation, please give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule.

Yes.  Unfortunately, construction work is a disruption and can create a mess.  We will do our best to minimize any disturbance during the project, and we will clean up once the work is completed.

Please note that we will not remove the window stickers.

Our installers will remove them from your home and dispose of them properly.

Until you are entirely satisfied with our work, the project isn’t complete.  If you have any issues, please talk to the crew foreman or call our office.

Window Specifics

The most commonly used window in the USA today is a double hung window. Double hungs get their name from the double set of sashes that traditionally were hung from counter weights inside the window frame.  The counter weights allowed the
sashes to be lifted or raised with less effort. They also allowed the sash to stay in position while raised.

Today, double hung windows rarely use counter weights.  Instead, either spring balances or steel coils are used to balance the weight of the sash as it is raised and lowered.

See our photos of double hung windows.

casement window has a hinged sash that swings in or out like a door. Crank-style or lever-style handles are used to open the sash.  An additional handle locks the sash in the closed position.

The handle mechanism of a casement window is easy to operate and is usually located low on the window, making the casement window an ideal window to place above cabinets, counter tops, or places that are slightly more difficult to reach.

See our photos of casement windows.

An awning window is designed so the bottom of the sash will swing outward from the home when opened.  Hoppers, on the other hand, are designed so that the top of the sash will swing inward from the wall when opened.

Awning windows were used before the invention of air conditioning.  Because an awning window allows fresh air to flow into a home while keeping light rain out it was a perfect solution.

Hopper Windows remain popular today for small spaces such as basement rooms and small bathrooms.  Because a hopper window opens completely, unlike a slider or double-hung that only opens half-way, it is able to allow more air ventilation.

See our photos of awning and hopper windows.

Bay windows and bow windows project outward from the wall of the home.  They create a feeling of extra space inside the room and create a larger viewing area to the outdoors.

Bay windows first became popular in the 1870’s. Today, bay replacement windows are sometimes installed to achieve the Victorian feel of that era.  Due to their versatility, Keystone Window’s bay and bow replacement windows are also installed for a variety of other reasons.

See our photos of bow and bay windows.

Vinyl picture windows  are large, non-operating windows that provide a clear view of your outside surroundings.  They act like picture frames for your outside scenery, giving rise to the name, picture window.

You may choose to replace a combination window (two windows side-by-side) with a single picture window. This will add a more contemporary look to your home and give you an expansive view of the scenery outside.

Vinyl picture windows are not made to open or close, making them one of the most energy efficient windows available.  It is much more difficult for air and moisture to penetrate a sealed window than one that is meant to be opened and closed.  In addition, an inoperable window is a smart choice for people who have allergies and must minimize airborne contaminants entering their home.

See our photos of picture windows.

About Keystone Window

Currently we serve Chester, Bucks, Berks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties of Pennsylvania.

We are an A rated business. The principals of Keystone Window sold over 6,500 windows in 2010, and over 15,000 windows in the past five years.

We are an A-rated business on Angie’s List. Visit our Angie’s list profile.

Energy Efficiency & Certifications

The easiest way is to compare the U-Factors of different windows.  The U-factor is an energy performance rating given by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).  It is a measurement of how well a window prevents heat from escaping.  The
lower the U-factor the better.

Generally, U-factor ratings range between 0.20 and 1.20.  To be Energy Star certified, a window’s U-factor rating must be below 0.30.  All of our windows have U-factor ratings are 0.30 or lower, and are Energy Star certified.

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that helps us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Energy Star

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a third party, non-profit organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights, and attachment products.  It provides fair, accurate, credible, and user-friendly information on fenestration product performance.  The NFRC label on your windows is specific to the overall thermal performance of the specimen window tested by the NFRC.

Premium Vinyl Windows, sold by Keystone Window, are all certified by the NFRC.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is the nationally recognized accrediting source for structural design performance of windows and doors. If you demand windows and doors that meet stringent performance standards, just look for the AAMA Certification Label.  Products that have earned the right to display this label have had a sample unit pass independent laboratory tests, and only products that bear this prestigious label are certified by the manufacturer.  Plus, production lines for windows and doors in the AAMA Certification Program are subject to two unannounced annual inspections.

Premium Vinyl Windows, sold by Keystone Window of Pennsylvania, are all Gold Label certified by the AAMA.

A law passed by Congress in April 2010 mandated that all contractors working in homes built prior to 1978 must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and are required to follow specific lead safety guidelines to prevent lead contamination.  Read more about lead safety here.

Yes!  We take your concerns for your family’s health very seriously.  When it comes to lead safety in window replacement, no one takes a more rigorous approach than Keystone Window.  Your family’s health and our employees’ health are number one
concern.  We are committed to ensuring that all our installation crews are EPA certified to safely work with and remove lead based paint. Contact us today for more information.

TThe law passed by Congress mandates that all contractors working in homes built prior to 1978 must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and are required to follow specific lead safety guidelines to prevent lead contamination. The lead safety procedures now mandated by law include:

  •  Properly removing and disposing of old windows and debris from the home
  •  Minimizing the dust and debris by using appropriate construction methods
  •  Keeping the work area clean of debris, such as wood chips and dust
  •  Preventing exposure beyond the property by effectively containing the work area

We take your concerns for your family’s health very seriously.  When it comes to lead safety in window replacement and entry door installation, no one takes a more rigorous approach than Keystone Window of Pennsylvania.  Your family’s health and our employees’ health are number one concern.  We are committed to ensuring that all our installation crews are EPA certified to safely work with and remove lead based paint.  Contact us today for more information.

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