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Why Keystone Window of Pennsylvania?

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, Keystone Window of Pennsylvania is a Refreshing Change from Other Window Companies

Keystone Window of Pennsylvania is locally owned and operated. We bring a very different and refreshing approach to selling replacement windows. Our pricing is always up front, online, and includes full installation. We personally guarantee the replacement windows we sell, and the quality of workmanship that goes into both the window and the installation. We will always sell state-of-the-art, top quality windows.

Take a look below and see how different we are from our competitors. We promise to do everything we can to give you the best value, the best service, and best experience you’ll ever receive from a window company.

From Other Companies

Rob Mato Explains:

Some companies charge extra for basic features, or just to install the windows.

Our prices always include basic, necessary window features such as Low-e coating and Argon gas, as well as full installation.

Rob Mato Explains:

Most sales people are taught to close the deal before they leave the home. That’s why it can take 2-3 hours for you just to get an “estimate”. In addition, you and your spouse may both need to be present to get the quote.

At Keystone Window, we guarantee 30-minute estimates, and will gladly speak to whichever spouse is available.

Rob Mato Explains:

One tactic is to inflate the window price so the salesman can offer 30-50% off if you sign the contract today. You may be pressured into “saying yes”, even if that means buying a window you really don’t want.

At Keystone Window, you buy when you’re ready.

Rob Mato Explains:

The “bait and switch” tactic is not unheard of in the window industry. For instance, a salesman shows up in your home and suddenly his low-cost, as-advertised window is no longer available, or your window openings are too large to qualify for the special price. We don’t play games.

We advertise the same replacement window we sell.

Rob Mato Explains:

The old saying is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  That’s the case with low-cost windows.  It’s just not possible to build and install an Energy Star qualified window for a ridiculously low price.

Keystone Window sells nothing but Energy Star qualified vinyl windows for the best price.

Rob Mato Explains:

Some companies do not include the most common features that everyone expects to have in their vinyl windows: Low-E coating, Argon gas, vent locks.  These features greatly increase the window’s energy efficiency and safety.

All Keystone Window prices include these expected features.

Rob Mato Explains:

Other companies’ installers may not be insured or licensed.

Keystone Window’s installers are insured, licensed, and trained by the manufacturer in the Installation Masters™ certification program.

Rob Mato Explains:

Other companies’ warranties may be limited and not transferable.

Keystone Window’s warranties go above and beyond in their coverage.

Rob Mato Explains:

One way to insure your window company is reputable is by their industry affiliations.  Not all of them have solid references.

Keystone Window is a Better Business Bureau member and an Angie’s List business.  Its window manufacturer is an Energy Star partner, and a member of the Window and Door Dealers Alliance and numerous other reputable industry organizations.

Rob Mato Explains:

Not all window installation companies offer financing.
Keystone offers fair, third-party financing.

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