Beauty photos of our casement and slider windows, available in Berks and Chester counties…

casement window has a hinged sash that swings in or out like a door.  Crank-style or lever-style handles are used to open the sash.  An additional handle locks the sash in the closed position.

The handle mechanism of a casement window is easy to operate and is usually located low on the window, making the casement window ideal to place above cabinets, countertops, or places that are slightly more difficult to reach.

A sliding window is a horizontal window with sashes that slide back and forth.  It is very much like a double hung window turned on its side.  The window opens by moving the sashes to one side or the other.

Sliding windows work well on walls where there isn’t a lot of vertical height, yet there is plenty of horizontal area.  They offer a more contemporary look than the traditional colonial style double hung windows.