Low air infiltration will keep your home comfortable.  Our Premium Vinyl Windows have one of the lowest air infiltration ratings in the industry.

Air infiltrates poorly rated windows, but not Keystone Window of Pennsylvania.Air infiltration is the amount of air that sneaks through the sill and sashes of a closed window.  Poorly designed windows don’t have the built-in airlocks, weather stripping, and barriers necessary to keep air from forcing its way in.  Without these design features, air will push between the sash meeting rails and around the sash perimeter where it meets the frame and sill.  Getting a breeze through a completely sealed window can make living in your home very uncomfortable.  To keep your home comfortable, always compare American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) air infiltration ratings of any windows you’re considering  purchasing.

The industry standard rating for air infiltration is 0.30 CFM (cubic feet per minute.)  Keystone Window of Pennsylvania’s impressive Premium Vinyl Windows, on the other hand, have a rating of only 0.10 CFM!  It is 60 percent more efficient than a standard double hung window! How do we do it?  We wrap our Premium Vinyl Windows in 600 inches . . .that’s 50 feet… of UltraSmart™ weatherstripping.  All this weatherstripping, plus various air barriers engineered into the design, make this state-of-the-art window one of the most air tight windows on the market.  For a more detailed explanation of why Premium Vinyl Windows are so air tight, personally contact Rob Mato, owner of Keystone Window.

“Keystone Window of Pennsylvania also offers the Premium Vinyl Windows that have an exceptional air infiltration rating of only .07 cfm.