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Garden Windows

Garden windows are three-dimensional windows that project outward from the wall. Because they have glass on top and three sides, they bring more light into the living space. Many people use this space for house plants and window gardens, which gives rise to the name.

Garden windows are often found in kitchens and bathrooms or areas where more light is desired, but only a small window will fit.

If you’re planning to replace an old double-hung window, consider replacing it with a Keystone Window garden window for more architectural interest. Keystone Window of Pennsylvania’s garden windows are specially designed to provide beauty, longevity, and energy efficiency.

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Window Features

Unveiling the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style: Explore Our Garden Windows

Many Garden Window Colors To Choose From

Personalize your garden window to match your unique style with our extensive selection of colors. Whether you prefer a classic, vibrant, or contemporary look, we offer a diverse range of finishes to complement your home’s design. Our wide array of color options ensures your garden window becomes a stunning focal point in your living space.

30° Sloped Roof for Water Run-off

Our garden windows are thoughtfully designed with a 30° sloped roof to ensure effective water run-off. This feature not only helps maintain the structural integrity of the window but also prevents water from pooling, so you can enjoy your indoor garden without worrying about leaks or water damage.

Standard Vinyl-Coated Metal Shelves (Glass Optional)

Our garden windows come standard with vinyl-coated metal shelves, providing durability and ample space to showcase your favorite plants or decorations. Glass shelves are also available for a more contemporary and transparent look, allowing you to create a unique display that suits your preferences.

Insect Screen Keeps Bugs Out & Provides High Visibility

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the hassle of insects. Our garden windows come equipped with insect screens that keep bugs at bay while providing high visibility and allowing plenty of natural light to filter in. Create a peaceful oasis in your home where you can connect with nature without any unwanted guests.

Upfront, Transparent Pricing With No Hidden Fees

At Keystone Window, we prioritize clear and honest pricing. Our upfront and transparent approach guarantees a comprehensive understanding of costs from the outset without any concealed fees or unexpected surprises. We hold your satisfaction in high regard, dedicating ourselves to delivering top-notch products and services that align precisely with your budget and expectations.

Professional Garden Window Installation Included

Have peace of mind as your garden window is meticulously installed by our team of professional Installation Master-certified installers. With our exceptional expertise and keen attention to detail, you can be assured that your window will be precisely fitted and seamlessly functional. Proper installation is paramount to optimal window performance, and our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional results.

Lifetime Transferable Lifetime Garden Window Warranty

Our transferable lifetime warranty on garden windows spans a remarkable lifespan and guarantees your satisfaction. This warranty not only protects your investment but also enhances the long-term value of your home, ensuring your peace of mind regarding the exceptional quality and durability of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Your Complete Guide to Garden Windows

What are garden windows?

Garden windows are unique, three-dimensional windows that project outward from the home’s exterior wall. They feature glass on the top and three sides, creating a box-like bay that captures more sunlight and provides added space for indoor plants, making them the perfect choice for creating a mini greenhouse or garden inside your home.
Unlike regular windows, garden windows extend outward and have glass on three sides and the top, allowing for more sunlight and space for plants. This design not only brings in more natural light but also offers a unique space for gardening indoors, enhancing the room’s aesthetic and air quality.
Yes, garden windows often include side vents, typically casement windows, that can be opened to allow fresh air into the space. This improved ventilation is ideal for growing herbs and plants, ensuring they receive both direct sunlight and fresh air.
The sizes of garden windows can vary based on the manufacturer and the specific needs of your home. Keystone Window offers customization options to ensure your garden window fits perfectly, whether it’s for a kitchen sink, breakfast nook, or any other space in need of natural light and greenery.

Garden windows from Keystone Window are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring Energy Star-certified glass that minimizes heat transfer. This ensures that your indoor garden can enjoy plenty of sunlight without compromising your home’s temperature control.

Installing a garden window is a great way to enhance your home’s aesthetic, bring in more natural light, and create space for growing herbs, flowers, or other plants indoors. They’re especially popular in kitchens and dining rooms, where they can provide fresh herbs for cooking and a beautiful view while dining.

Garden windows are ideal for a variety of plants, especially those that thrive in direct sunlight, such as succulents, herbs, and small flowering plants. The ample sunlight and easy access make it a great space for nurturing your green thumb.

While garden windows are most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms, they can be installed in any room that could benefit from added space, more sunlight, and improved ventilation. They’re a versatile option that can enhance any space in your home.

Garden windows can improve your home’s energy usage by providing natural light and warmth, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating. However, it’s important to choose energy-efficient garden windows with proper insulation to ensure they don’t lead to increased energy costs.

Keystone Window’s garden windows are made from 100% virgin lead-free vinyl, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance. This high-quality material stands up to the elements and provides excellent insulation.

Garden windows add architectural interest and beauty to your home’s exterior and interior. They offer a unique space for displaying plants, creating a focal point that enhances the room’s aesthetics. With a variety of colors and finishes available, you can customize your garden window to perfectly match your home style.

Look for a provider with a strong reputation for quality, customer service, and a wide range of customizable options. Keystone Window of Pennsylvania offers Energy Star-certified garden windows, professional installation, and a lifetime warranty, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Quality garden windows should have durable materials, energy-efficient glass, and a solid warranty. Features like multi-point locking hardware, efficient water run-off design, and optional glass shelves also indicate a high-quality window designed for both functionality and aesthetics.

Ask about the window’s energy efficiency, customization options, installation process, and warranty details. It’s also wise to inquire about the provider’s experience and ask for references or reviews from previous customers.

Yes, you should expect a comprehensive warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, as well as the glass and moving parts. Keystone Window offers a transferable lifetime warranty, adding value and peace of mind to your investment.

Keystone Window offers a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize your garden window to match your home’s exterior and interior design. From classic to vibrant colors, you can choose the perfect look to complement your home.

Expect a professional installation process where experienced installers will precisely fit your new garden window into the designated space, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics. Proper installation by Keystone Window’s certified teams guarantees your garden window will be a beautiful and functional addition to your home.


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Keystone Window of PennsylvaniaExcellentKeystone Window of Pennsylvania4.5 Based on 62 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onCory Trego ★★★★★ Keystone was easy to work with from start to finish during our window replacement process. Steve answered all of our questions thoroughly and even made a second trip to our home to bring additional sample windows. The installation was quick, professional, and smooth. The installers were careful not to damage any existing trim work while removing the old windows and cleaned up thoroughly after the new windows were installed.John Welsh ★★★★★ Great price, quality product, excellent service. Installation team was great and house was spotless inside and outside when they were done.Rich Longcoy ★★★★★ The price of the windows were fair and the installers were efficient and cleaned-up after they were done.John Gibson ★★★★★ Wanna thank Keystone Window for the windows installed on 3/20/2024. The 3-person team arrived on time ready to go. Quietly and efficiently, they installed 5 windows in about 4 hours, a very professional job. And then they cleaned up afterwards. I purchased top of the line windows; the purchase price and installation were a great investment. Had windows installed in another part of my home by that other company that begins with an A, you've seen the commercials. They did a good job, but I got a better value with Keystone Window, without question. High quality windows, great price, professional installation. One other thing, the time from contract inception to installation was about 6-weeks vice 3 months with the other company. So, if your considering replacement windows, don't overlook Keystone Window. You won't be disappointed.John Weidemann ★★★★★ The installation was done with precision and expertise. The windows themselves were solid and very easy to open and close. I recommend Keystone Windows to anyone looking to improve their homes.joseph rouse ★★★★★ Ben Lubing ★★★★★ Great jobjs_loader