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Energy Savings

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20% Off All Vinyl Windows!

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All Premium Vinyl Windows, sold through Keystone Window of Pennsylvania, are Energy Star certified and qualify for the federal energy tax credit of 2011.

Keystone Window of Pennsylvania is dedicated to developing and building the most energy efficient windows in the industry. At Keystone Window, we also make a commitment to provide the highest quality, most energy efficient windows available to our customers.

The following pages expand on our windows’ energy efficiency qualifications, the 2011 energy tax credit, as well as our commitment to preserving the environment:

  • Air Infiltration: The amount of air that leaks through the sill and sashes of a closed widow. This rating affects how comfortable you are in your home.
  • U-Factors and Window Energy Savings: U-Factor ratings indicate the energy efficiency of a window, and directly affect how much you spend (and save) on your energy bill.
  • Energy Star: A federal program designed to help homeowners save money and protect the environment. All of our windows are Energy Star certified.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our manufacturer, Premium Vinyl Windows, leads the industry in developing products that reduce heating and cooling consumption, to help you save money on your energy bill.

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