Professional Installation Included in the Cost of Your Windows

Factory Direct Installer

A poor window installation can make even the most energy efficient window useless.  If a window is not installed properly, air and water can leak around the edges, resulting in drafts inside the home and mold build-up inside the walls.  Other problems can involve binding sashes and difficult operation of the window.

When you choose Keystone Window of Pennsylvania as your replacement window company, you can rest assured that your new windows will be installed professionally.  Your windows will be square and true, operate smoothly without binding, and have insulation around the edges to prevent air from leaking inside.  Properly capping the outside will prevent air and moisture from entering your home and walls. Aluminum capping is required if we need to remove your window frames, for example, when installing new construction windows. The only time capping is an option is if you have wooden windows where the sashes are removed but the frame stays. The capping will compliment your home with your new Keystone Windows.

Our installers are certified in lead based paint renovations, and are in full compliance with all lead safety regulations.

The best part is there are no hidden costs.  Your professional installation is already included in the price of your windows.  Contact Rob Mato, owner of Keystone Window, personally to learn more about our professional installation crew.